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Student Recognition

The Importance of Recognition…because All Kids are Capable of Success

There is an old adage, that when a person receives a negative criticism, ten “positives” are required for that individual to get back on an optimistic track. All human beings have a basic need to be noticed for their value in very specific ways, creating a good sense of belonging within a group. Positive self-esteem and high group morale lead to greater student achievement. “Success breeds success.”

At Burley-Glenwood, we take many opportunities to give our “BG family” a sense of belonging and to provide specific positive recognition to our students:

Through the Character Counts program, we are building a community that is built on six pillars of virtue: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring and citizenship.

Our students are recognized every week when they are “caught” demonstrating characteristics of the pillars, with weekly “gold slips” that are announced over the intercom on Friday’s. As each month’s Character Counts’ theme changes, our teachers select students from their classrooms who best exemplify the pillar of the month, and those BG Bears receive “Student of the Month” awards.

At the Student of the Month assemblies, student performers are recognized for their talents, performing well-practiced musical and performing arts pieces for their peers.

Athletic accomplishments are recognized through numerous events and sports teams throughout the year.

Through our Accelerated Reader program, students who read AR books and prove comprehension on computer checks receive “AR” recognition, as they work toward reading goals. Many of our students surpass their AR goals, earning very special recognition.

Students who show motivation to arrive on time and miss very few days of school receive “Excellent Attendance” recognition.

For our most responsible students who demonstrate all six Character Counts pillars, BG has a “Meaningful Work” program that averages around 100 participants each school year. Intermediate-aged BG Bears can earn positions as Safety Patrol Guards, Library, P.E. and Computer Assistants, and as Peer Mediators.