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Kid Friendly Programs

Several programs at Burley Glenwood help kids increase their Developmental Assets, building on students’ positive efforts and good qualities.  As these activities have increased in number and participation, we documented gains in academic achievement, and disciplinary issues have decreased.  Many opportunities provide children with ways to be recognized, to be leaders, contribute to the school in meaningful positions, and to make good decisions. 

Accelerated Reader

 “A.R.” is a motivational reading program, aimed to encourage success for every student at his or her current reading level, from non-readers to highly proficient readers. Based on individualized reading objectives, students receive incentives as they reach levels toward their reading point goals. Recognition is given within grade levels, as well as school-wide.

Meaningful Work - Due to Covid these student jobs are not avaible at this time

“Meaningful Work” is a school-wide program designed to teach students about work ethics and the real-life process of applying for a position, as well as maintaining the responsibilities of a work contract. Many jobs are sought out by students, while others are assigned by staff members. All positions are for needed services, and BG depends upon our meaningful workers to fulfill their job expectations. Some of the Meaningful Work positions include: Computer, Lunchroom, Library, Office, PE, and Recycling Assistants; Peer Mediators and Safety Patrol.

Peer Mediators- Due to Covid these student jobs are not avaible at this time

Our most responsible students in grades 4-5 can turn in a form for a position of leadership, as Peer Mediators at Burley-Glenwood. Peer Mediators model good friendship skills and decision-making to their peers, and during recesses they are available to mediate conflicts between students. Trained Peer Mediator teams each work once a week during the recesses of primary-aged students. Peer Mediator training is based upon the conflict mediation training of the Kitsap Dispute Resolution Center. Peer Mediator Training is available twice each school year, during parent-teacher conferences.

Safety Patrol

Safety Patrol Guards are 5th grade students who work in teams of two or three and have the important job of taking care of our students while using the crosswalk, or waiting outside classrooms until it is time for pupils to enter. The Safety Patrol Program is affiliated with the Kitsap County Sheriff’s Department, with a deputy contact that trains the guards at the beginning of each school year, and is available to consult as needed. 

Junior Librarians -Due to Covid these student jobs are not avaible at this time

Junior Librarians are 4th and 5th grade students who work during one of their recesses once a week in the library. They put books away, help younger students find books and sometimes help them with their assignments.