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Make a Donation

Monetary Gifts

Individuals or groups may desire to make cash donations to a school, either to be used at the discretion of the school or for a special purpose. Funding of the instructional program is a responsibility of the School Board, and outside contributions serve to enhance and extend the program of the school rather than provide basic resources.

  1. Individuals or organizations desiring to make a monetary grant will meet with school officials regarding the intended use of the grant in advance of making the contribution.
  2. All contributions shall be recorded on forms designated by the Superintendent or designee and shall state the amount and intended purpose. Monetary grants equal to or less than $1,000 may be accepted by the Superintendent. Monetary grants in excess of $1,000 shall be presented to the Superintendent' Office for Board consideration and approval.
  3. All monetary grants shall be deposited as district revenue and spent using established purchasing procedures.

Please download and complete the Monetary Gifts Form 385 linked above and return it to the school where you wish to make your donation.

Monetary Donations for Technology
It is preferable that monetary donations are given to support technology purchases. This helps schools order equipment that is compatible with other supporting systems. In the case of Apple iOS devices, if the units are not purchased by the district directly, classroom management functionality is limited.

Equipment & Supply Donations

For donations such as computers, books, musical instruments, school supplies, and other used items in good condition, download and complete the Donation Form 386 and return it to the school that should receive the donation.

In accordance with district policy 4610, donations of computer equipment are accepted if the equipment is:

  • three (3) years old or newer, and
  • is approved by the ITS department

After consulting with the IT Support Specialist assigned to the school, the tech liaison or office staff can complete a Form 386 (Equipment and Materials Donation Agreement) and submit to their school or department administrator for approval.

ALL donations must be approved by the Board of Directors before taking possession of the equipment.

Please remember schools/departments are responsible for any additional costs, such as operating system licenses, application software, and any additional hardware.

Volunteer and Donate Your Time

To volunteer your time, please contact your neighborhood school or click on link above.